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Outlook Express Duplicate Killer Merger version 1.02.0154
Remove e-mail duplicates from Outlook Express and Windows Vista Mail.
Delete duplicated contacts from Address Book and Windows Vista Contacts.

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Attachments: Outlook Express Duplicate Killer screenshotsScreenshots Outlook Express Duplicate Killer DocumentationDocumentation Version History... Outlook Express Duplicate Killer FAQFrequently Asked Questions

Do you have duplicate e-mails on your PC? Or all your contacts doubled? No problem, Outlook Express Duplicate Killer can find and remove and merge the duplicate items automatically.
Outlook Express Duplicate Killer is a powerful plug-in for searching, managing and eliminating any type of duplicates (e-mails, contacts) across all or chosen Outlook Express or Windows Mail folders. You can customize the way how the program recognizes duplicates and choose between two optimized duplicate search algorithms that will help you find identical data quickly. Choose between an easy one-click duplicate removing-merging process or a sophisticated wizard. You can even save each of your search duplicate settings in the profile that can be processed in one click available from the Outlook Express toolbar, to save your valuable time.

Important Note: Outlook Express Duplicate Remover is for Outlook Express and Windows Vista Mail and Contacts only. If you use Microsoft Office Outlook, look at the Duplicate Killer software.

If you are really looking for advanced way to manage any type of duplicates in Outlook Express, Windows Vista Mail and Address Book, this program is for you.

Looking for simplest and cheapest software solution without advanced wizards and merge functionality look for the Outlook Express Duplicate Remover.

Download now and try it for Free!
Outlook Express Duplicate Remover PDF DocumentationDownload printable PDF Documentation here. (0.5 Mb)

Download Outlook Express Duplicate Killer Now!
Try the new Outlook Express Duplicate Killer for FREE Now!
Order a trial version of Outlook Express Duplicate Killer on CD or Download it Now to evaluate it for FREE.
No cost, no commitment and no obligations, with Free Live Help and Support.
The trial version of Outlook Express Duplicate Killer* is fully functional, with two limitations:
  • the plug-in searches and finds all duplicates but only removes 10 per task performed
  • the free trial period is 14 days

  • *Outlook Express Duplicate Killer is for Microsoft Outlook Express only (not for Office Outlook)
    Buy Outlook Express Duplicate Killer Now!
    Buy/Register Outlook Express Duplicate Killer
    Since 2001 many companies and organizations have used our products.
    Buy Now and you receive:
  • 1 year of free updates
  • 1 year of free support via e-mail and live help
  • License policy
    Outlook Express Duplicate Killer Features list
    Main Features
  • Search Outlook Express e-mail duplicates (identical items) across all or any chosen Outlook Express and Windows Mail folders.
    The program scans the chosen folders based on selected duplicate search settings
  • Search and eliminate Windows Address Book or Windows Vista Contacts duplicates
  • Merge selected or duplicate items.
  • Manage (delete, move, merge or mark) e-mail duplicates and duplicate contacts
  • Choose between the two main Outlook Express duplicate elimination scenarios:
    An easy one-click process or a three-step full Wizard
  • Manage Outlook Express duplicates automatically and select from the actions:
    - Delete / remove Outlook Express duplicate permanently (Duplicate Eliminator)
    - Delete / clean Outlook Express duplicates (move to folder "Deleted") items (duplicate remover)
    - Move duplicates to a folder of your choice
    - Mark duplicates with the flag and mark "only duplicate" - Merge duplicates
  • Choose between two duplicate search algorithms that are based on four approaches to originality of an item: An item is considered original if:
    1. It contains info in more fields
    2. It is the oldest
    3. That contains more longer values
    4. Last modified
  • Apply Actions to the items modified in within the chosen timeframe
  • Save Search and Action settings to a profile for an easy one-click process
    The saved profile will be available in the Outlook Express Duplicate Killer menu from the Outlook Express toolbar
  • Customize the way how the program recognizes duplicates
    Select all, default or custom item properties to compare the items. E.g.: the comparison of email messages can be based on subject, body, The "from" and "to" address, number of attachments, importance, size, the "sent" time and "received" time, etc.
  • Search and clean Outlook Express duplicates across the chosen folders or search each folder separately
  • Process all the saved search profiles in one click
  • Edit the saved search profiles
  • See the results of the process in a preview with the date of the last modification
  • Use the "Only duplicates" folder filter

  • Outlook Express Duplicate Remover PDF DocumentationDownload printable PDF Documentation here. (771 Kb)

    Installation Instruction
    System Requirements
    Support for Windows Vista and Office 2007
    Outlook Express Duplicate Killer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    Find answers to your questions about Outlook Express Duplicate Killer
    How to Buy
    Find pricing, upgrade eligibility, and purchasing options.

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